Why Do You Need a Church App

Why Do You Need a Church App

1. Instant Communication With Your Congregation Through Push Notifications

Push notifications are like advance-text-messages. They are an immediate and powerful way to communicate with your congregation. Instead of writing it in a bulletin or newsletter or waiting to announce upcoming events on Sunday, you would simply send reminders or updates using push notifications. Once your church mobile app has launched and you’ve introduced it to your congregation, they can download it, and then opt-in to receive push notifications from your church. Some of the many things to communicate through a push notification would be calendar reminders, event reminders, invitations, conferences, bible studies, care groups, Sunday sermon theme, prayer alerts, schedule changes and many more.

2. Increase in Tithing and Donations

Your congregation does not have to wait for Sundays to place an offering in the box when they can tithe at any time using the church mobile app. Imagine combining your tithing option with a notification and taking up a special offering for a specific need. You can instantly alert your entire congregation that, for example, a family is in crisis and needs financial help. Immediately, those receiving the push notification can hop on over to the tithing/donations section and give to that need. It’s fast, secure, easy, and incredibly functional.

3. More in-depth and powerful Bible study model

Don’t keep teaching and study for Sundays, only. Take your congregation on an incredible Bible study journey by using your Mobile App to combine your blog and sermon audio/video as a unified study tool. If you are, for example, teaching through the Book of Romans, your weekly/daily blog posts can educate/teach and further encourage users in addition to the teaching on Sundays. By operating in this manner, you work towards a goal. Your blog posts and teaching integrate and combine to leave a powerful impact. At the end of your sermon series on the Book of Romans, your users/readers would have had consistent study material given to them, alongside your sermon audio/video, giving them an in-depth understanding on your sermon topic. It’s like having a sermon, and a commentary to go along. It’s much easier, more powerful, and more exciting than just doing this manually on a Sunday and then releasing notes in a newsletter. It’s also global so anyone can benefit from it.

4. Easily educate and attract new visitors

Chances are, new visitors will Google the churches in your area. Your website should come up. There, they can already learn everything they need to know. Your mobile church app, however, takes this further. On your website, you indicate that there is a Mobile App. They download the App, and without being stuck in front of a computer, they can take their time to familiarize themselves with your vision, mission, offering and teaching style. They get a good oversight on who you are and what you are about and will come with much clearer expectations on their first visit. Once they have opted in for push notifications, you can deliver specialized messages to them as new visitors or members.

5. Increase your budget and funding

With struggling budgets, it’s hard to allocate funds, even to worthy technology solutions that could benefit your ministry. Lucky for you, your church mobile app can be built by WebBuild Tech for a self determined donation which is intended to make sure that all churches have access to the needed technology in this age and time.